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investing in bitcoin.. this is what you need to know about the world's first digital currency

investing in bitcoin.. this is what you need to know about the world's first digital currency

What is "BITCOIN"? 

Bitcoin” is a currency like the euro and the dollar that is used in the exchange of goods and products, but it differs from other currencies because it is an electronic currency that offers new advantages, the most important of which is its effectiveness and ease of use in financial transactions in a safe manner.

 When buying with Bitcoin 

you will not have to reveal confidential data such as credit card number or bank account number, and there will also be no fears that the electronic seller will exploit that data.
What is the difference between 'milli-bitcoins' and 'bitcoins'? A millibitcoin (mBTC) is one-thousandth of a bitcoin. Destinia has chosen to display prices in milliBitcoins, as it is easier to transact with customers and more convenient when prices are displayed and updated daily.

Advantages of paying with mBTC "Milli Bitcoin" with Destinia:

 You can book and pay all Destinia products available by electronic payment using bitcoins, except for some hotels that only allow direct payment upon arrival at the hotel, as well as flights with some airlines that only accept credit card payments. A single currency available for use by anyone, anywhere in the world. It enables you to carry out instant financial transactions with ease and without commissions. The booking method and steps are exactly the same as other payment methods. Reservations are made easily, quickly and securely. Prices are displayed in “millibitcoin” (mBTC) to facilitate transactions for our customers. Destinia uses the Bitcoin Best Bid/ BBB bank transfer system, which is the same as You should not bypass financial transactions by bitcoins 

How to buy bitcoins in Destinia? 

Choose "mbtc" mili-bitcoins from the drop-down list of currencies at the top of the page: From the moment you choose the currency onwards, all prices will appear to you on the site in “millibitcoin” (mbtc).

Follow the usual Destinia booking steps; Do the search and book a hotel, flight, or any of the services available on the site. Then click on the "Book" button, and the reservation amount will appear to you in all the following steps with "mbtc" and its equivalent in euros.

When you reach the payment data step, choose the bitcoin payment method from the available payment options.

You will then be shown the encrypted email address to which you can transfer the total amount of the reservation from your Bitcoin card to finalize the reservation. When making a transfer from a bitcoin card, press the “Pay bitcoin” button on the website or by using the QR code through your mobile phone; The reservation system will make sure that the total amount has been collected and the reservation will be confirmed. Thus, your reservation has been easily confirmed, and you will receive a confirmation document on your e-mail.

Mining It is the process required to secure these combinations, and by doing so, new units of virtual currency are issued. These units are known as 'Group Bonus'. In the case of Bitcoin, the reward is currently equivalent to 12.5 BTC, albeit that splits in half every four years or so. The role of the person involved in the mining is to carry out this process by solving complex algorithms - an ongoing task that can be easy or difficult. By adjusting the complexity of the algorithms, the people involved in the mining ensure that the processing time of the blocks is kept roughly constant. Due to their critical role in the network, Bitcoin miners are largely in control, especially since mining is now an important business.

Once these tokens come into circulation, they can be freely traded on an exchange, and stored in an investment portfolio. When trading bitcoin with IG, you will not actually be able to own the underlying asset, so you will not need an investment portfolio or an account with an exchange.

How is bitcoin used in business? 

as a means of payment There are a number of companies that already accept bitcoin as a form of payment, although they are still numbered on tiptoe. It includes:







 Of course, these reputable companies have the necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of virtual currency. But given the regulatory woes, and market volatility, it's no wonder that bitcoin consolidation has not yet become popular.

as the basis of technology Many companies are ignoring the currency itself and turning their eyes towards the decentralized registry.

 Chain data technology has already seen the rise of a variety of new business models, including those surrounding global payments, web development, and data security. Additionally, there are a number of funds looking to invest in blockchain-based projects, making financial centers around the world turn their sights on virtual currency.

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